A Taste of New Zealand with Nobilo Wines

By: Alison Silveira

I would certainly love to visit beautiful New Zealand one day, as I have family that resides there. While I did not make the 14,000 kilometre journey to visit them this summer, I had the pleasure of getting a taste of New Zealand at a summer patio party hosted by Nobilo Wines at Oliver & Bonacini Cafe & Grill

Nobilo is one of New Zealand's leading wineries and offers high-quality products, including their award-winning Pinot Noir. Their wines are characterized by grassy and herbaceous notes coupled with exceptional balance and fruity aromas. I was eager to sample the wine after hearing about Nobilo's great accolades. 

O & B's Chef Tom Riley hails from New Zealand and prepared delectable canapes including lamb meatball sliders with chili jam and green yogurt. Nobilo's Marlborough Vineyard Sauvigon Blanc is perfectly paired with the spicy dish, as it cleanses the palate. Chef Riley also prepared lighter fare such as heirloom tomato, feta and mint skewers with black sesame and PEI oysters with lime  and ginger mignonette, the latter of which is a classic pairing for Nobilo's Sauvignon Blanc. With notes of pineapple, melon, passion fruit and hints of grapefruit, the wine is aromatic, fresh, crisp and sweet in flavour.

After a long day of work, it was a treat to kick back with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and relish a perfect summer's day. 

If you would like to experience a taste of New Zealand without setting yourself back $4,000 for a roundtrip plane ticket, visit your local LCBO. Stores are now carrying the affordable Nobilo Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc, which retails for $16.95, but is discounted to $14.95 until September 13.

Here's a novel recipe idea! Have you tried preparing soup with wine? For a unique twist on a classic, make Chef Riley's Smoked Tomato Soup with Miso Crème Fraîche

Tomato Soup Ingredients

5 kg ripe beefsteak tomatoes

1 bulb fennel, thinly sliced

2 cups shallot, thinly sliced

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 celery stalk, sliced

1 tsp smoked paprika

4 tbsp sherry vinegar

1/3 cup Nobilo Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc

2 sprig tarragon

1 sprig thyme

1/4 cup good-quality olive oil


1. Get your smoker going to 160⁰F/70⁰C.

2. Remove core and cut tomato into quarters; season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Place in

smoker and smoke for 10 minutes.

3. Sweat shallots, fennel, garlic and celery until soft. Add paprika and cook for another minute.

4. Deglaze with vinegar and reduce.

5. Add wine and reduce.

6. Add tomatoes and all their juice. Break up tomatoes with a wooden spoon. Simmer until all

cooked, about 20 minutes.

7. Remove tarragon and thyme. Season with salt and blend in bar blender, pass through a fine

sieve, and adjust seasoning.

Miso Crème Fraîche Ingredients

1/2 cup crème fraîche

2 tsp white miso

1/8 cup chives


1. Combine crème fraîche with white miso and chives.

2. Mix together and refrigerate for at least two hours.

3. Garnish soup with olive oil, fresh basil and miso crème fraîche.

(Serves 6)