Front Street Foods at Adelaide Place

By: Shelby Morrison

With an abundance of restaurants throughout the city of Toronto, it can be difficult to choose just one to enjoy a memorable meal. However, with the return of Front Street Foods, variety has never been so accessible. This second annual culinary market showcases many of Toronto’s best chefs and restaurants to serve us hungry diners. Presented by the Toronto Market Company and Dream Office REIT, you are sure to enjoy yourself at the ultimate foodie market!

Last year, the market was a huge success, but took place on Front Street. This year, the location has been switched to the 2nd floor outdoor terrace at Adelaide Place (150 York Street). The new location is more of an oasis and an escape from the busy downtown streets. With no cars, streetcars or buses, you can truly relax and unwind with delicious food and drinks.

If you are looking for a delectable lunch, an after work snack, or an early dinner, this happening market is definitely your go-to. I was invited to an event at Front Street Foods where I indulged in an abundance of mouth-watering treats.

I began with a sample of three-cheese mac and cheese topped with brisket from Toben Food By Design. Gruyere, farmhouse cheddar and parmesan tossed noodles were topped with herbed brioche bread crumbs. This combination of creamy, cheesy and crispy paris well with the melt in your mouth brisket.

Next up were fish tacos from Little Fin. The battered haddock is topped with corn, pickled onions and a crunchy slaw. They are light, yet incredibly flavourful.

Freshly baked gourmet buns were served up by Hot Bunzz. These are a variety of stuffed sandwiches including different meats, cheeses and vegetables. I was lucky to try a beef short rib bun, as well as Quebec five cheese, spinach and mushroom bun. The doughiness and scrumptious stuffing are well balanced and I enjoyed the combination of the crispy and soft textures. 

Traditionally found in Swtizerland, Raclette cheese is offered from Raclette Suisse, which is a real showstopper. The cheese is placed under a broiler to get warm and gooey and then used to top sausages and vegetables. You watch as the melted cheese is scraped right in front of you onto your food. This dish is every cheese lover's dream!

Fred's Bread was offering a variety of different breads, which made it tough to decide. I opted for the Ontario mushroom pizza, as well as the Yukon Gold potato focaccia. These artisinal breads are extremely fresh, doughy and tasty. 

To end off the savoury portion of my evening, I ordered the crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich from Brock Sandwich. Perfectly crispy chicken is paired with sweet caramelized onions with some added heat from the Piri Piri sauce. I had to take some of this to go, as the serving size was quite large!

It's nearly impossible to turn down a doughnut, especially when they are from The Rolling Pin. Their offerings include PB & J, Boston Cream and, chocolate coconut and more! I also tried the salted caramel doughnut topped with chocolate and a syringe shot of caramel. There are not really many words to describe how amazing these really were. They are fresh, not too sweet and hit the spot perfectly!

Fresh rotisserie baked breads from Chimney Stax Baking Co. were serving up sweet and savoury takes on this Hungarian street food, known as chimney cakes. Traditionally, they are rolled in cinnamon sugar, but I tried one covered in Oreo crumbs and filled with vanilla frozen yogurt, topped with brownies and caramel sauce. You can imagine just how much I enjoyed this cold treat on a hot summer day.

As if I wasn’t full enough, I had to try Thai style ice cream rolls. This style of ice cream has been something I have seen all over social media, so I was excited to finally give it a try! Fresh bananas and blueberries as well as a creamy liquid base are spread out onto a frozen surface and chopped and mixed around until it becomes firm, yet smooth. They are then scraped into rolls and served. The result is a smooth, creamy, sweet frozen treat presented in the most unique fashion.

If you find yourself debating where to head for your next eating adventure, definitely pay a visit to Front Street Foods. It’s even better if you visit with a few friends so you can share a wide variety of decadent treats! 

Front Street Foods is open from June 13 - August 5, 2016 on Monday and Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Select vendors open at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast. For more information, visit:

Shelby Morrison is a Toronto-based food blogger and freelance writer. She has a passion for food and living the most delicious life, while enjoying every step of the way. She eats her way through Toronto, yet loves to travel the world for unique and tasty finds.