Rashers on Ossington

By: Alison Silveira

Where can you find a great bacon butty sandwich in Toronto? I'll tell you, but first, you may be wondering what a bacon butty sandwich is. Invented in England, it's a favourite sandwich among Brits consisting of white bread, bacon and brown sauce. You can find this unique dish and other delicious bacon sandwiches at the family-friendly diner, Rashers

Owner Richard Mulley is originally from England and is committed to making quality bacon sandwiches for his customers that are simple, yet delicious. Rashers, he says, is not about bacon being the hot new food trend. It's a casual restaurant where you can find premium local bacon of different cuts and varying flavours. I recently attended a dinner to sample some of Rashers' most popular creations at the newly opened Ossington location. The original location is in Leslieville and is a hit with locals.

British expats who are hungry for an authentic bacon butty ($8.00) will enjoy the classic sandwich that comes with homemade brown sauce and cheese or a fried egg may be added to it for a small charge. This one isn't reserved for just the expats; try this novelty for yourself! The brown sauce is tangy with a hint of spice and the meaty sandwich is quite filling. 

The bacon Caesar ($9.00) tastes much like you would imagine: crispy smoked strip bacon, fresh romaine lettuce with homemade Caesar dressing and grated parmesan cheese is served on a warm ciabatta bun. If you like a lot of crunch, this sammie is made for you. 

The fantastic brie and bacon ($10.00) is a crowd-pleaser. With smoked strip bacon, melted brie cheese and caramelized onions topped with a homemade garlic aioli on a toasted bun, this sandwich has a mix of both creamy and crunchy textures. The garlic aioli is not too overpowering and complements the sandwich very well. I also sample some delectably addictive hot and crispy garlic potato wedges ($4.00).

If you like your bacon cut thick, the Hogtown  ($9.00) is your go-to. The typical Canadian sandwich is a nod to one of Toronto's numerous nicknames and is comprised of peameal bacon with one-year aged cheddar and homemade ale mustard on multigrain bread that will keep you satiated.    

My absolute favourite sandwich of the night is the apple and maple grilled cheese ($9.50). It is loaded with cheese and is both sweet and savoury. The grilled sandwich comes with maple glazed smoked strip bacon, one-year aged cheddar and apple chutney on white bread that is bursting with flavour. 

Finally, Mulley offers the bacon burger ($11) to sample. The burger's patty has bacon mixed into it and comes with burger essentials, like lettuce, tomato and a signature chipotle mayo on a toasted bun. It's a substantial sandwich, so make sure you're hungry if you opt for this one.    

After sampling some of Mulley's unique creations, I can certainly say that you can find bacon sandwiches with high quality ingredients that are tasty and satisfying at Rashers. It's is a bacon lover's dream where you won't feel guilty pigging out!

Locations: 182 Ossington Avenue and 948 Queen Street. 
Website: Rashers.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/RashersInc
Twitter: twitter.com/rashersto
Instagram: instagram.com/rashersto