The WalkTop Wonder

By: Alison Silveira

Health and wellness in the workplace is becoming more of a priority for employees and employers alike. Healthy employees are happy and more productive employees. I spend the bulk of my day in front of a computer and am well acquainted with the routine of sitting and working for hours on end in an office. Several health risks have been associated with a sedentary lifestyle including heart disease and diabetes. There's a new Canadian product on the market that is set to be a game-changer in the way we work and exercise. I eagerly attended the media launch of the innovative WalkTop Treadmill Desk. Designed to fasten on to a treadmill, the novel product helps you boost physical activity while staying productive simultaneously. 

WalkTop co-founder Laurel Walzak

WalkTop co-founder Laurel Walzak

I met Laurel Walzak, one of the co-founders of the Canadian company, Fitneff, who showed me how to use the innovative product. She placed a laptop on the sleek and stylish glass surface and I started to walk slowly on the treadmill at 2 miles per hour, while Walzak explained the many features of the WalkTop. Ergonomically designed, the WalkTop can be adjusted to your height for comfort and can be positioned flat or on an incline for customization. I used the WalkTop for about 15 minutes and it felt comfortable and effortless. Walzak also spoke about the WalkTop helping to improve posture, mental clarity, circulation, and mood. For more vigorous exercise, you can unfasten the WalkTop from your treadmill. 

The product can be adopted in the corporate world where executives who are pressed for time can easily get physical activity into their daily routine, while they continue to be productive and efficient. Weighing 25 pounds, the WalkTop is lightweight, yet sturdy. It can be ordered online for $479.00 and comes fully assembled, with installation taking mere minutes. After using the product and learning about the many health benefits associated with it, I am certain that the WalkTop will work wonders in many a workplace! 

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