A Look at LG's Latest Innovative Products

By: Natasha Williams

On a scorching hot summer day, I was more than happy to look ahead to Christmas at the LG Social Club preview of hot new items for the holidays. The second I walked through the door at The Spoke Club, I was blown away (and not just by the refreshing whoosh of air conditioning). From household appliances to razor thin televisions, LG specialists spoke passionately about the latest and greatest from LG

The Styler, which retails for $3,199 (and looks like it belongs in James Bonds’ bedroom) is a steam closet that will refresh, de-wrinkle and sanitize your delicate clothes and household textiles, eliminating the need for dry cleaning with one sleek looking unit that requires nothing more than a standard electrical outlet (steam provided by a refillable water tank). This unit will handle everything from your fur/leather trimmed garments to Daisy’s doggie bed.

I’m also deeply in love with the LG Sidekick Pedestal Washer (starting at around $949.99), an add-on mini washer that can be paired with any LG front loading side-by-side, and allows you to do two separate laundry loads at once. The practical applications are endless, such as new moms wanting to do a small load of tiny little onesies using delicate detergent in the Sidekick while doing a bulkier more heavy duty load in the main washer. Don’t want your delicates to snag on the zippers of your jeans? Bring in the Sidekick! Back from the gym and don’t want to let your sweaty gear stew while waiting to accumulate a larger load? Sidekick to the rescue. Better yet, all of the appliances being showcased can be operated by an app on your phone! This excited me to no end when I realized I no longer need to call my mom in a panic to ask how to get red wine out of my favourite blouse; just type the stain into the app, tap your phone to the washer and it sets everything for you!

Now while my comfort zone is situated within the domain of the domestic arts, even the televisions on display got me excited. LG’s OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) is completely new with advanced and award-winning technology that essentially provides the truest blackest black allowing for greater contrast and clarity. They demonstrated this technology by playing a relatively dark movie (Batman vs. Superman) and you could distinguish the stitching and fibers and even black-on-black patterns that would otherwise be missed with standard LED or LCD displays. The models on display ranged from the moderately priced $3,000 to the extravagant $10,999.99, but even the more affordable models have added features such as anti-glare film (so necessary for binge watching Netflix on a sunny Sunday in your condo with floor to ceiling windows) and a central hub that will allow you download any app (Shomi, Crave, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) and control all your internet enabled appliances from one place.

The event was capped off by an exclusive cocktail party complete with athletic and culinary royalty in attendance including Raptors' General Manager Masai Ujiri, Raptors' #6 Cory Joseph and celebrity chef Chuck Hughes). Though if I’m being completely honest, nothing left me quite as star struck as the LG Styler. Sigh...sorry CoJo.

Product photos courtesy of LG Canada.