Urbery: Weekly Shopping Has Never Been Easier!

By: Alison Silveira

Weekends are for enjoying the company of family and friends, having fun, relaxing and, yes, grocery shopping. When I was in university, my housemates Kevin, Rob and I used to do most of our grocery shopping at Kensington Market. I enjoyed the pleasurable experience of buying fresh meat at European Deli (now Sanagan's Meat Locker), sampling jalapeno Havarti at Cheese Magic, discovering exotic fruits and vegetables from Oxford Fruits and choosing an assortment of authentic Montreal bagels from My Market Bakery.

Nowadays, I have many more responsibilities and even one-stop shopping at a grocery store can be quite time-consuming. Waiting in long lines and lugging home heavy grocery bags are definitely cutting into precious weekend rest and relaxation time. So what's a girl to do? 

Try Urbery, of course! It's a same-day delivery service for groceries, alcohol from the LCBO and Beer Store, and over-the-counter pharmacy and household products. I recently used this time saving service and it was quick, convenient and easy.

I signed up for an account and ordered products from Loblaws at Urbery.com (a smart phone app is also available), chose my desired delivery time slot and paid securely online. The services was absolutely outstanding! My friendly grocery guru delivered my groceries right to my door with a smile. There were a couple of items that were unavailable online, but I added it to my wish list and they were delivered to me!  

The service offers free delivery on orders over $65 and charges a $10 fee for alcohol delivery. Delivery can be completed on the same day within two hours of order placement. I was able to track my delivery in real-time and interact with my personal shopper via text. Urbery offers a 100% freshness guarantee, ensuring that customers always receive only the best and freshest products. 

I highly recommend Urbery, especially if you are extremely busy or are looking to free up time in your schedule. While the service may be a little more expensive, it affords you the luxury of time to prioritize the things that matter. 

An even better reason to try Urbery is that you can get $25 off your purchase of $65 or more by entering code STAYINGIN. Give it a try.

Happy shopping!