Sony Brings Superior Sound Technology to the Ford Explorer Platinum

By: Alison Silveira

The Ford Explorer is celebrating its 25th anniversary in style. To mark the auspicious occasion, Ford partnered with Sony to create an audio experience unlike any other in its 2016 Explorer Platinum. The same technology of superior high-end home theatre audio systems has been replicated by Sony and is now available in the iconic Ford SUV, which is an industry first. 

A group of automotive enthusiasts and lifestyle bloggers, including myself, were among the first to hear the 500-watt, 12-speaker Sony premium audio system with Clear Phase and Live Acousticstechnologies at the Sony Centre. The Clear Phase technology gives a crystal-clear sound the way that the artist intended. It's perfect for listening to your favourite rock bands and popular music. 

If you want to listen to Mozart's heavenly melodies, the Live Acoustics technology brings about an unparalleled concert-hall sound quality. It is as if you were sitting in Roy Thomson Hall and listening to a beautiful symphony. The audio experience was nicely complemented by the massaging seat, which was perfect for relaxing, as I had just finished work. I loved the hands-on experience, as we had the chance to listen to Bruno Mars, Vivaldi and everything in between! 

If your commute is quite cumbersome, imagine how serene it could be with an audio system that blocks out all outside noise to deliver a pleasant listening experience, all while relaxing your body in the massaging driver's seat. It's the details and everyday pleasures that can make your ordinary routine that much better and even extraordinary. 

The interactive presentation was followed by an exclusive concert from one of Sony Canada's best-selling recording artists, MAGIC! The band is known for the smash hit songs, Rude and Don't Kill the Magic

My friends and I enjoyed ourselves as we danced and sang along in the front row. The intimate show was fun and, forgive the pun, quite magical! 

I had a wonderful time learning about the harmonious partnership of Ford and Sony. Both companies are highly reputable and are leaders in the automotive and audio industries, respectively. The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum is offered for sale starting at $50,305. To find out more about this versatile vehicle, visit:

Photos courtesy of Ford Canada.