Tequila Tastings at Milagro

By: Alison Silveira

Is there a better combination than tacos and tequila? It's debatable. The perfect place to enjoy Mexican food and drinks on a balmy summer evening is atop Milagro Cantina's second-floor rooftop patio on Queen Street West. Buzzing and lively, the vibe is young, hip, and trendy. Upbeat Latin tunes pulsate from the speakers and mouth-watering aromas of Mexican fare waft through the intimate space. 

I sampled authentic Mexican tequila poured and guided by owner and chef, Arturo Anhalt. First, I tasted Milagro Reposado, aged in oak barrels for two months, which had an earthy aroma and notes of caramel. The favour was oaky with hints of vanilla. Citrusy notes of lemon, lime, and grapefruit wafted from my glass of double distilled Don Julio Blanco. Light in taste with the sweetness of baked agave, it had a smooth finish. Azulejos Reposado was distinctly the strongest tasting tequila, with its tart flavours of vanilla and oak. 

I had never tasted sangrita before Chef Anhalt introduced me to it and was pleasantly surprised. He informed me that taking a shot of sangrita after consuming tequila or mezcal is widely practiced in Mexico, as it cleanses the palate. Spicy and tangy, the shot is potent, consisting of lime and orange juice with a dash of salt and chili powder. The taste of sangrita is akin to that of a Caesar, sans alcohol. 

Ever the gracious host, Chef Anhalt served me carnitas los panchos, which are pork tacos accompanied with pickled red onion. They were seasoned well and bursting with flavour. 

Toronto's love affair with Mexican food, margaritas, and mezcal is alive and well and strongest at Milagro. 


783 Queen St. West